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You're 3 simple steps away from watching your book come to life.

First, give MovableType your "big idea” for a book, and watch it get to work.

Next, it expands upon your idea and generates a comprehensive book proposal on the back of a wealth of relevant research, a detailed outline and a strategic marketing plan.

Once you approve the book proposal the real magic happens. MovableType compiles a high quality first draft of your book (over 35,000 words 150+ pages)... all in less than 15 minutes.

Ai book generation is here...

Your big idea brought to life in years months days moments.
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Create 1000x Faster

Idea to draft in 15 minutes. What most don’t consider when they want to write a book is the sheer investment of time it entails.

From initial brainstorming to drafting, revising, and proofreading, the process can stretch over months or even years. Writers often find themselves at the mercy of writer’s block, distractions, or simply the ebb and flow of creative energy.

MovableType streamlines this, transforming what might have been months of work into mere hours. With its AI-driven capabilities, the platform can draft, revise, and enhance content at unprecedented speeds, allowing you to produce a high-quality manuscript in a fraction of the time.

1/1000th The Cost

Ever thought of hiring a ghostwriter? Prepare to fork out a pretty penny. Top-notch ghostwriters can charge an arm and a leg, and that’s before any extra costs for edits or revisions. But, with MovableType, you can wave those wallet-draining days goodbye.

For less than the price of a single ghostwriter’s fee, MovableType lets you craft numerous high-quality manuscripts tailored just for you. And the best part?

No waiting around for drafts or haggling over prices. With MovableType, you’re in the driver’s seat, getting pro-level content without the pro-level invoice.

Work Where You Work

Moving between drafts, taking feedback, and reworking content can be time-consuming & tedious.

With MovableType’s native Google Doc integration, revisions become a breeze. Want to expand on a topic? Refine a section? Get ready for quick and seamless edits, keeping the process fluid and hassle-free.

MovableType blends the age-old charm of storytelling with the cutting-edge prowess of AI. It’s not just about writing a book; it’s about revolutionizing how we approach the entire process.

Tailored to Your Voice.

While a seasoned author spends considerable time refining and understanding their voice, many new writers struggle to find or maintain theirs.

MovableType offers the unique advantage of personalization features, ensuring that your manuscript resonates with your authentic voice and, most importantly, your perspective. Instead of spending hours refining and redefining, you get a product that feels genuinely yours from the start.

What big idea will you
bring to life with MovableType?

Below is are some examples of what's possible from a single input with MovableType:

The Vision...
Scaffolding For Your Big Ideas.

There's Nothing Quite Like

rom your a singular “big idea” input, creates a comprehensive book proposal, a strategic marketing plan, a wealth of relevant research, a detailed outline… finally it generates a rich first draft manuscript of over 35,000 words (150+ pages)… in less than 15 minutes.

Phase One: Formulate
Phase One: Formulate

anuscript in Moments requires only a single insight from you. Your ‘big idea’ is the seed, and MovableType is the sun, soil, and water that helps it grow into a narrative tree, rich with branches of context, support, and intrigue.

Phase Two: Articulate

🛠️ Research Engine conducts extensive, relevant research for your book. It collates data that compliments your insight and helps solidify the foundation of your narrative.

🗂️ Detailed Book Outline

With your audience and big idea in mind, Mt. then creates a structured, detailed outline for your review and approval. This roadmap provides a clear path from start to finish, making your writing journey seamless and enjoyable.

📝 Book Proposal Generation

From your original insight, creates a comprehensive book proposal that encapsulates the essence of your big idea. It’s a pitch-ready synopsis designed to grab attention and create interest.

🔬 Audience R&D

The tool goes beyond creating; it strategizes. develops an effective marketing plan, identifying your book’s target audience, and suggesting effective strategies to reach them.

Phase Three: Generate
Phase Three: Generate

anuscript Generation

Upon approval, crafts a first draft manuscript, exceeding 30,000 words (150+ pages). It’s your voice, amplified, enriched, and ready to resonate with readers worldwide.

Phase Four: Make it Yours
Phase Four: Make it Yours

oogle Docs Native Integration

Google Docs is where lots of our editing ends up being done these days anyways, so we’ve built google docs directly into the MovableType workflow. This allows you to share your manuscripts with anyone, and auto share with your team.

Last: Share With The World

mplete Marketing Campaign

Last, but certainly not least, MovableType will create a full scale marketing campaign for your book. Including Sales Pages, Advertisements, SEO Keyword List, and a detailed list of suggested marketing activities to get your book out to the world!

Last: Share With The World

the right tool for the right job

Who's MovableType for?

Empowering every individual with the capability to express themselves in ways they never thought possible...​

Powerful enough for the expert.

n an age saturated with information, subject matter experts often grapple with the challenge of effectively conveying their hard earned insights to a broader audience. With, the intricate and specialized insights you’ve honed over years can effortlessly transform into comprehensive, reader-friendly manuscripts. Instead of wading through the daunting process of structuring, drafting, and refining your ideas, MovableType streamlines this journey, ensuring that your expertise shines through in a coherent, impactful manner.

Moreover, MovableType isn’t just a tool—it’s an enabler. It doesn’t replace the depth of your understanding; it amplifies it. By offering capabilities such as customized author personas, integration of personal stories, and detailed research tools, the platform ensures that your content resonates with authenticity and authority. This isn’t about simplifying your knowledge — it’s about creating a bridge between your expertise and the world, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for your field.

  • Transcend typical marketing strategies and establish yourself as a thought leader with a tangible testament to your expertise.
    Brand Builder
  • Books open doors to speaking engagements, workshops, and networking opportunities that elevate your professional journey.
    Connections Catalyst
  • Convert years of hard-won insights into engaging narratives, reaching wider audiences and creating lasting impact.
    Content Magnifier
  • Harness the credibility of a published book to bolster your standing in your field.
    Amplify Your Authority
  • Leave an enduring mark on your industry, ensuring your insights, stories, and perspectives inspire and instruct for generations to come.
    Legacy Solidified

Creative enough for the dreamer.

o the dreamer, the world isn’t just as it is, but as it could be. Every fleeting thought, every whispered conversation, every stolen moment—each holds a story waiting to be told. isn’t merely a tool for such souls; it’s the catalyst for their repressed desires and unspoken tales. It’s for those who’ve lain awake at night, crafting universes in their minds, imagining characters dancing on pages, and envisioning lessons wrapped in allegories. But somehow, amidst the chaos of life, their dreams remained just that—dreams.

The canvas of welcomes the dreamers. No longer must you let doubts, time constraints, or lack of formal writing expertise stand between your vision and its incarnation.

MovableType is a bridge, turning the abstract into the tangible, capturing the essence of your creativity, and helping you craft it into a masterpiece. If you’ve ever felt the pull of stories within you—tales of love, adventure, hope, or transformation—yet found yourself trapped in the mundane, now is your chance.

  • Transform abstract thoughts and unique insights into structured, impactful narratives that enlighten and inspire.
    Ideas Illuminated
  • Move beyond mere conversations and articles; solidify your thoughts in a book, reaching a global audience eager for your perspective.
    Unlock Reach
  • Circumvent the long hours and hurdles of traditional writing, distilling your knowledge into a potent book without a steep learning curve.
    Expedited Expertise
  • becomes the stage, elevating your lived experiences, lessons, and wisdom to the forefront of public discourse.
    Platform for Passion
  • Create a lasting imprint of your expertise, journey, and insights, shaping conversations and influencing minds for generations to come.
    Legacy of Learning

Flexible enough for the entrepreneur.

n the heart of every entrepreneur lies a tapestry of trials, triumphs, and hard-earned wisdom. Each business decision, every late-night strategy session, and even those fleeting moments of doubt, they’re all chapters in an epic saga of ambition and resilience. isn’t just another platform—it’s the quill for the modern business savant, weaving tales of entrepreneurial adventures. For those who’ve ridden the roller coaster of starting up, scaling, pivoting, and persevering, yet found their stories locked within, unarticulated and unshared, this is your medium.

The digital pages of beckon the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s an invitation to immortalize your journey, to share the strategies that elevated you, the pitfalls you sidestepped, and the inspirations that fueled your fire. In a world that’s often skeptical of business tales, it’s a chance to humanize your brand, to connect with peers, clients, and budding entrepreneurs. So, if the echoes of boardroom battles, product launches, and moments of sheer tenacity reverberate within you, let be the vessel to unleash them. Here, your legacy isn’t just lived—it’s written.

  • Capture the essence of your entrepreneurial journey, from startup struggles to scaling successes, painting a vivid narrative for others to learn from.
    Chronicle of Conquests
  • Beyond products or services, share the soul of your enterprise, humanizing your brand and building authentic, lasting connections.
    Brand Builder
  • Offer emerging entrepreneurs a roadmap, detailing the detours and direct routes you’ve navigated, fostering a culture of informed entrepreneurship.
    Mentorship Manifested
  • It’s not just about metrics or milestones; it’s about the sleepless nights, the game-changing decisions, and the unyielding passion. Chronicle them, and inspire a new wave of innovators.
    Tales Beyond Traction

Accessible for the neurodivergent.

or the neurodivergent community—those who navigate the world through the unique perspectives of conditions like ADHD, autism, and more—communication and expression often come with a set of distinct challenges. Their minds, teeming with vibrant ideas and unparalleled insights, can sometimes grapple with structuring these thoughts in conventional ways. This rich tapestry of knowledge, layered with intricate details and patterns often missed by the neurotypical gaze, deserves a platform that can transform it into accessible, shareable narratives.

MovableType is more than a writing tool; it’s an ally that respects and recognizes the often unparalleled depth of neurodivergent thinking. By providing a means to channelize unstructured thoughts into coherent manuscripts, it breaks down barriers, empowering these individuals to share their unique viewpoints with the world.

For those who may find the sensory experience of traditional writing daunting, or who struggle with the sequential processes often required in authorship, MovableType offers a compassionate and adaptive avenue. Here, every burst of creativity, every unconventional insight finds its rightful place, ensuring that the neurodivergent voice is not just heard, but celebrated.

the idea behind

Scaffolding For Your Big Ideas.

The journey to translate an insight into a book seems fraught with difficulties>: research, structuring, outlining, drafting, and not to mention, the painstaking process of refining and polishing. Can you relate? This is why we created is not some robotic scribe or a substitute for your creative genius. Instead, think of it as your Sherpa, a skilled guide that helps you navigate the treacherous terrains of writing, allowing you to focus on the journey and savor the vistas along the way. This companion tool is built on advanced AI technology designed to give shape to your ideas, allowing them to grow and flourish into a meaningful narrative. is not here to replace the human touch. Instead, it’s here to enhance it, to assist it. It is designed to be a tool for anyone with a big idea that’s always dreamed of sharing it with the world. MT is designed to make your job easier, to save time, and to allow your creative focus to remain on the task that truly matters: perfecting and personalizing your big idea.

Focus on What Matters

Imagine being able to spend your precious time sculpting your ideas rather than stressing over research, form, tone, style and the strenuous nuances of professional writing. Think of as the chisel that carves the rough marble of your idea into a statue, but you are the artist, deciding where to chisel, how much to take off, when to step back and observe, and when to declare it complete. represents a revolution in the art of bringing big ideas to life on the page, to give them a form that can be shared with the world. It breaks down the barriers of the process, making the act of writing a book accessible and enjoyable. It’s not just about technology, but about humanity’s age-old desire to share, to express, to contribute.

Join us on this journey. 

Allow to empower your voice and bring your big ideas. Remember, every great book started as a thought, a notion, a spark of an idea. Yours could be next.

Welcome to a new era of writing… what are you waiting for?


Mt Pro+

Unmatched platform for authorship, this is for you if you "get it", you understand the value that a book can bring to your life & business...
  • 10x Books Generations Per Month
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • All Future Updates Included
Included With Mt Pro+
  • 🎭

    Book Proposal Generation
  • 📖

    150+ Page Per Book
  • 💸

    Marketing Campaigns
  • 🏎️

    Turbo Mode Default
    20x Speed
  • 🪑

    3x Team Seats
    Multi Account
  • 👋

    1-on-1 Slack Support
  • 📝

    Google™ Docs Integration
  • 🔀

    Instant Book Redo
  • 📣

    Author Voice Tone & Style
Roadmap Items Included...
  • 🔊

    Audio Books
  • 🎙️

    Interview Mode Builder
  • 💰

    Offer Infusion
  • 🈵

    50+ Language Translation & Generation
  • 🗃️

    Knowledge Base Integration
  • 👨‍🏫

    Course Creation
  • 🎧

    Podcast Series Creation
What is a credit? 1 Complete book generation = 1 credit. This includes all the basic marketing materials, author profiles, research generation, and anything else you'll need to bring your book project come to life!

Note: If you're not happy with a book you've generated, simply message us and we'll credit an extra credit to your... credits.

à La Carte

Need a single amazing book created with the help of MovableType? This is for you!
  • 1x Books w/ Unlimited Revisions

$638 each

  • 🎭

    Detailed Book Proposal Generation
  • 📖

    150+ Page Per Book Generation
  • 🪑

    3x Team Seats
    Multi Account
  • 👋

    1-on-1 Slack Support & Community
  • 📝

    Google™ Docs Integration


  • 20x Books/mo + Author 10 Voices
If you're looking to create a load of books for many different customers then our agency program is a great fit.


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Craft your dream book in 15 minutes or less with the help of AI.

There's nothing quite like it.

From your a singular “big idea” input, creates a comprehensive book proposal, a strategic marketing plan, a wealth of relevant research, a detailed outline… finally it generates a rich first draft manuscript of over 35,000 words (150+ pages)… in less than 15 minutes.

See The Future of Authorship in Action...

We will never sell or share your data with a 3rd party 😌

Be among the first to see MovableType in action and learn how you can be involved in helping bring this tool and its vision to life.