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How to Use Your Existing Book Outline to Create a Manuscript Within


Turn your existing book outline into a structured project with MovableType! This video shows you how to leverage your hard work developing an outline into a fully fleshed out book proposal and outline using MovableType’s powerful outlining tools. Learn how to import your chapter titles and content directly into MovableType while keeping the structured chapter learning objective format. See how to refine the initial book proposal to perfectly capture your book’s vision. Get tips for customizing the outline with additional context. When you’ve completed the migration, you’ll have a professionally formatted book ready to take to the next level. Don’t miss these insider strategies for making the most of your book outline in Movable Type!


  • Using an existing outline for a book project with movable type.
    • Create new project with selected chapter count from existing outline.
  • Creating a book proposal using a base proposal generated by a tool.
    • Creating a book proposal, then modifying and refining it for the best outcome.
  • Using Movable Type for a project, with focus on chapter learning objectives.
    • How to use Movable Type to create a structured outline for a book, with a focus on keeping basic structures in place.
  • Creating a custom outline for a book.
    • Updates chapter titles and adds custom outlines for book content.
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